Custom Training Solutions

Integrate Safety Training into your Business Workflow.


Custom Solution

Custom Solution

If you need more than our off-the-shelf solutions for your online training needs, we can accommodate you. We have several custom solutions to choose from ranging from a simple referral link to custom training courses.  We have custom solutions that will optimize your business and workflow.

LMS Integration

LMS Integration

We can work with our LMS or your LMS.  Whether your need a quick and easy referral link or a full integration with your LMS, our technical team will work with you to find the optimum solution to keep your business safe.

Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Our experienced Account Managers will develop the best solutions to help you manage your safety training needs. The Account Managers are always available to support you and your employees and are backed by 24/7 Customer Service.

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We can quickly provide you with a referral link for your internal training website which takes your employees to our website to purchase their courses.  The unique referral link assures your employees use content assigned to your organization.  .

Through our LMS, you can easily track your purchases and your employee's progress through their training.  

A custom online training portal for your organization, complete with branding, images and messaging of your choice.

We have streamlined the process of designing and building training portals for our clients - we can make your Online Institute (OI) consistent with the look, feel, and branding of your company's existing web presence.

With our LMS, you can track your sales and customers.  We provide 24/7 customer support for your customers.

Have your own Learning Management System (LMS)? Already using a third-party LMS?  We can easily provide our courses to your system through an AICC or SCORM integration.

Our catalog is flexible enough to easily merge into most systems, ensuring you have an integrated solution for your employees' training and development program.

Your employees can easily enroll into our courses using your LMS.

Both you and your employees benefit from having all of their training records in one place.  Your employees benefit from having customer support coming from one place, your Customer Support team.

We can provide Embed codes for you to put our training videos on your company's internal training website.  We have a library of over 1500 Training Videos that can be streamed using these codes.  Embed codes only apply to videos from our Digital 2000 Training libary. 

SSO allows users to log on securely to multiple applications with a single set of login credentials.

Our Single Sign-On (SSO) integration simplifies the sign-on and enrollment process by allowing your employees to access courses directly from our LMS once logged into your company site.

AdvanceOnline has been developing Web-based training solutions for over a decade now. We can create custom training content, convert training materials you already have, or customize our content to match your organization's training needs.

All courses are developed by a team of Instructional Designers, Multimedia Developers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working closely together to create a high-quality, engaging training experience.

Let us use our talent and experience to develop full-featured custom courses for your company!

If the custom training you want does not require a full-featured solution, we can accommodate you. We can customize any of our off-the-shelf products to meet your training needs.

  • Presentation — Turn your PowerPoint® presentation into an online product, complete with the benefits of our LMS.
  • Exam — Follow up classroom training or seminars with a scored exam. Use our LMS to assess learning and maintain your records.
  • Policy — Use our LMS to share company policies and procedures and to record employee distribution.
  • Textbook — Distribute reading materials through our LMS and track completion of assigned reading, including any associated exam scores.

Technology Leadership

Safety Training Content in Your Business Workflow

Experienced IT Team

  • We are LMS experts and have years of experience in integrating our solutions with businesses of all sizes
  • From referral links to embed codes or full AICC integrations, we can work with you to find the right solution for your safety program
  • Our team can quickly layout and design your custom portal
  • Our team has experience handling the challenges of various IT systems


  • Our LMS is designed with small and large companies  in mind
  • Our LMS can easily integrate with your IT systems
  • From SSO to Integrations, we can support any solution for how you want to train your employees
  • Our LMS provides reports for managing and tracking your business
  • Our cloud-based LMS gives you and your employees 24/7 access for convenient self-paced learning anytime

The AdvanceOnline Training Center
A flexible learning platform that adapts to your training needs.

Work Anywhere With Your Team

The backbone of our courseware is our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) featuring a user-friendly interface, automated recordkeeping, online report generation, organizational hierarchies for large clients, the ability to assign training roles to students, and many more features. Our LMS makes managing and administering training easy for both managers and students.

Accelerate Your Training Process

Our goal is to make training as painless and cost-effective for you as we possibly can. Registering is easy and flexible - you can purchase just one course or many at the same time. Need continuing education units (CEUs)? OSHA completion cards? Certificates of Completion? We offer all of these and more.