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A risk assessment from a third-party safety expert is an affordable and proactive option to ensure your company's safety program is meeting all OSHA regulations and your employees are safe on the job. AdvanceOnline provides an unbiased perspective into the OSHA compliance of your company and worksites.

Risk assessments go beyond your internal safety management to provide insightful assessments of your working processes and procedures. Risk assessments range from a walk through review of your facility identifying risks and hazards to a full safety audit that examines your safety procedures, processes and implementation of your safety program.  

What is a Risk Assessment?

Once our experts are onsite, they complete a full analysis of your workplace. After our assessment, our team provides a written report identifying potential hazards that may cause injury or incur OSHA fines. Our safety experts provide detailed recommendations to minimize the risk of injury and ensure your company meets all OSHA regulations. 

What is a Safety Audit?

A safety audit is a more in-depth review and study of your company's existing safety program.  A safety audit examines the safety systems and procedures within an organization. We review the key elements of your safety program and how it is implemented in your organization.   Key focus areas are:
- analysis of the workplace
- hazard prevention and control
- accident analysis and reporting
- safety training programs
- management and employee participation

Expert Resources Focused on Your Safety

Our safety experts have on average over 20 years of experience working with companies to develop, maintain, and update safety programs.

• Certified Safety Professionals

• OSHA-Authorized Instructors

• Certified Industrial Hygienists

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