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Is your safety program current and up-to-date?

Once a company establishes a safety and health program, it should be evaluated initially to verify that it is being implemented as intended. As your business grows or expands into new areas, your safety program needs to evolve with your business. Employers should periodically, and at least annually, step back and assess what is working and what is not, and whether the program is on track to achieve its goals. As a result of these reviews, employers, managers, and supervisors, in coordination with workers, should adjust the safety program and monitor improvements. Companies should share safety program metrics within the workplace to help drive further improvement, reducing workplace injuries and illness as well as increasing productivity and improve overall business operations

Three Steps to a Safety Program Review

- Monitor performance and progress based on key indicators
- Verify that the program is implemented and is operating as intended
- Correct program shortcomings and identify opportunities to improve

AdvanceOnline Safety Services can conduct an annual safety program review which will provide you with the confidence that your program meets your business productivity and safety goals while maintaining compliance with all OSHA regulations.

Expert Resources Focused on Your Safety

Our safety experts have on average over 20 years of experience working with companies to develop, maintain, and update safety programs.

• Certified Safety Professionals

• OSHA-Authorized Instructors

• Certified Industrial Hygienists

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