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Strengthen your Safety Team with our Safety Staff at your location

Do you know all the in's and out's of OSHA regulations for your industry?

Understanding OSHA requirements and regulations can be overwhelming and a complex task. Our AOS Safety Experts have dedicated their careers to ensuring people remain safe in every type of work environment. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to ensure all OSHA standards and regulations are met, records are maintained, and programs are updated as your business changes. An AOS safety expert can assist your company as full-time staff for long-term projects or as a regular part-time resource to supplement your safety program.  

Let our safety professionals and compliance experts assist your company in managing job site safety while you focus on your core business.  With us by your side, we can provide the necessary expertise, OSHA training, and advice on how to keep your employees safe and protect your workplace and assets. 

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We are experts in OSHA regulations and have the most up-to-date educational training and certifications in Occupational Safety & Health. Complying with OSHA requirements and regulations can be overwhelming and a complex task. Having our safety experts working directly with you is the best way to achieve your safety goals. 



Our goal is to provide the safety services you need within a budget you can afford. We efficiently match our experience to your specific project needs, saving you money.  Add to your existing safety team or have us manage safety for you – either way we provide an affordable solution without you having to hire your own personnel.



Hire us to manage your safety tasks, projects, or full programs.  We are available when you need us, without the commitment of hiring your own employees. We create a custom program for your specific situation and needs then provide the support required: full-time or part-time, project or on-going.

Part-time or Full-Time Staffing

Do you need a safety expert to supplement your safety team?

AdvanceOnline has safety professionals available for short- and long-term assignments. Because or our extensive knowledge of OSHA regulations and workplace safety requirements, we can be a valuable member of your team providing a quick solution to your resource needs.  

We have flexible schedules and have experience working a specified number of hours per week or month. Or we can provide full-time support in specific roles.

Examples of services include but are not limited to:
- Daily Site Inspections
- Incident Reporting
- Ongoing, regular OSHA training
- Industrial Hygiene Testing
- Standard Operating Procedures

Project Oversight

Do you need safety guidance for a new project?

Whether you are expanding production lines, starting a new construction site, or opening a new facility, our safety experts are available to expand your safety staff while you focus on project management.  We add flexibility to your business without the long term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

Our certified safety professionals can provide safety oversight and support to your employees, making sure your team adheres to safety guidelines.  We provide worksite assessments to evaluate risks, identify potential hazards, and verify proper controls are in place.

Turnkey Solutions

Do you need a complete safety solution so you can focus on your business operations?

AdvanceOnline recognizes the OSHA regulations and workplace requirements are expansive and, at times, can be overwhelming to business owners. AdvanceOnline Safety Experts have in-depth knowledge of local and national OSHA compliance regulations that have a direct impact on your business operations.

We will develop, manage and maintain a customized safety programs to fit your operational needs. Depending on your business, your dedicated safety expert will provide support weekly, monthly, or full-time. Specific services include, audits, training, administrative support, and general oversight.